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If you take as prescribed, you will see way more positive than negative. In my case, I took off two points for the Sandoz generic. Seriously, Sandoz generic Clonazepam sucks!! But Teva, which some people hate, is so strong that I actually have to divide my dose between morning and evening, or I won't be able to get up.

So, rule of thumb, be VERY careful when switching generics of this drug, because you may get your butt kicked like I did. Klonipin gave me back my life. Me las habia suspendido xq ya me encontraba muchisimo mejor a lo q estaba.

Si Dios no nos cura, quien lo va a hacer?? Los sicologos dicen que te mejoran pero hasta un cierto punto, ellos como mucho podran estabilizarte, nunca curarte.

Lo que es imposible para los hombres es posible para Dios. Los milagros hoy en dia existen. Cushions and other physical measures other than moving usually to nothing for RLS. Sunday, January 30, 9: I'm at a crossroads and not sure how to proceed! On meds for 2 years, female and mid forties. Now I have daily RLS that is rarely in check. I don't get along well with the dopamine agonists, Mirapex causes lots of augmentation, Requip causes lots of rebound plus other little nasty side effects.

I won't even comment about what Sinemet did to me. So it looks like I my physiology and the dopaminergics do not get along! Neurontin doesn't seem to work. When I combine it with a low dose of Mirapex, it helps greatly for a few days, then seems to stop working. It doesn't do anything on its own.

Clonazepam lets me get through the early evening, but doesn't do enough on its own to let me sleep. I think I may be allergic to opioids. I tried hydrocodone a few years ago in the hospital and vomited. More recently I tried some Percocet and it helped quite a bit only had enough for 2 nights , I told my GP and she wrote a script for hydrocodone - I vomited both nights I took it.

I made sure I took it with food, too. So, where does that leave me? Medical Response It sounds like your best bet would be methadone alternating with tramadol. Methadone works better than Percocet and is safer as it does not contain acetaminophen.

If tramadol helps, then you can use it for drugs holidays from methadone. If it does not help, then you may want to drug holidays using other drugs. Tuesday, February 01, 6: I was wondering if you could tell me what everyone is talking about when they say soap can be used to help with rls symptoms? I think it's something about putting it in the bed????

I have RLS and would love to know about anything that helps no matter how silly it sounds. Thanks, Audrey Medical Response This does sound silly and I am not sure where exactly this information comes from, but apparently, it was in a newspaper article. It is just what it sounds like; sleeping with a bar of soap in your bed. I have only heard of reports on our website from email correspondents who have benefited but have never met anyone face to face who says that soap has helped.

Wednesday, February 02, 7: I have suffered with RLS since I was in my 30's and began taking Sinemet at age 40 when the symptoms became insufferable. A few weeks ago, having lost my family physician, I went to a walk in clinic to have my Sinemet prescription renewed. When I had asked my previous doctor about long term effects he reassured me that there were none at any dosage?? I recently tried to stop using Sinemet cold turkey and after 5 nights in hell, I returned to using it.

Your help and advice would be appreciated, Allen Medical Response There is no concern about liver problems using Sinemet especially at your low dose. There is another issue, however.

Due to that worsening augmentation , Mirapex or Requip would be much better choices. Wednesday, February 02, 6: I also have Sjorgen's Syndrome dry eyes syndrome. Currently I am taking Requip 4 tabs of. I started out with 3 tabs, but it wasn't enough. This is a norm for me and always has. Jaypeel Sep 7, 3: However, I am now 26 weeks pregnant and had a horrible panic attack today. I took 2 mg of clonazepam during the anxiety attack which is what I was prescribed before I got pregnant and I'm wondering if it would do any damage to the fetus or harm the baby if the clonazepam was only taken once and one day only and not taken at all during the rest of the pregnancy?

If anyone would have some information on this I'd appreciate it, thanks. Ed Jul 9, When I got down to the last 20 of I took one or 2 and was able to be ok. No rxplanation why, they rev up our systems, but also engance homeostasis he did not say. Western medicine is good and everything else sucks said dr. Oh, and also avoid the sun, because it provides natural vitamin D, so the sun is bad for you benzo goers said dr. Just take this pill. It will make you feel good.

It was hard to read while in midst of withdraws downing dosage alone let alone completely off. Looking for simple diet… Seems I want nothing to do w food which is unfortunately common to start with! Water, Lil bits all I can do. I did try few things found out r accelerative to exacerbating withdraws into higher gear.

Any blend diets, super simple??? To try and start back my body as extreme weakness and unbelievably high torque of pain everywhere as I battle MS, Cancers, Four types plus of scoliosis, broken neck, Popeye Syndrome both arms, Full release Tenotomies both arms, history of strokes, AFIB, Cardiopulmonary, pulmonary, Leg Popliteal Aneurism, Full and partial paralysis….

After approx 6 months I began to wake with extreme fear and my Dr. Told my to take Ativan as required throughout the day as required up to a maximum of 10mgs. The fear increased as did extreme fatigue, memory loss and the ability to think straight.

I was an emotional mess and bed ridden for a period of 3 months. I thought I was losing my mind and begged my dr to put me into a psychiatric hospital- he told me to just take more Ativan to take the edge off. In December of last year I realised the more Ativan I took the worse I had become so I stopped taking my day time doses cold turkey anywhere from 2mgs to 6mgs.

I became even sicker with severe tremors, twitches, spasms, nightmares, fear and the inability to fall asleep without being woken by an intense rush of adrenaline.

As my mind slowly became clearer, I made more of a connection to my condition an the Ativan at the time I just thought I was going crazy and started researching benzo withdrawl, I began to taper my 1.

The symptoms I am left with are- waking with a rush of fear which subsides thankfully as prior to it stayed all day severe life like nightmares and such chronic fatigue that I am unable to move or some days even open my eyes until after lunch.

Is the immovable fatigue something I should be concerned about? Thank you for any feed back. If you do, the panic attacks will not be as bad as with the abruptly reduced dose, and will reduce with time. Unfortunately, a gradual taper will have to wait until your brain stabilizes enough.

I wish there were some easy answer to this. I know the symptoms are difficult now, but you get through them. I gradually increased my dosage over the next 6 months getting up to 6 or 7 grams per day. A couple of months ago, I started to taper off, but I was doing it too quickly. I had taken many times in the past, and had a few bad experiences, but nothing like what was about to happen.

This was around 5 weeks ago My best guess is that the DXM triggered my withdrawals somehow. Also I took tramadol the next morning stupidly because I had a terrible headache and my stomach was knotting up.

Maybe caused Serotonin Syndrome, Idk. My sister had a bunch of Klonipin, and she tried to help by giving me some for the next three weeks. Had to miss a few days of work. I lost 5 pounds a week during those 3 weeks. Went to the ER for those symptoms.

They said my prostate was enlarged, gave me some antibiotics and a few pain pills. Went back to the emergence room two more times. They finally admitted me to the psychiactric floor, where I stayed for a week. I became convinced I had an intestinal blockage, and that it was gonna burst, so I ate almost nothing.

Lost another 5 pounds. The doctor put me on Prozac, Remeron, Neurontin, and Risperdol. Seemed to get worse. I had also quit taking the Phenibut and Klonipinc cold turkey.

Not a good Idea. That can cause oxidative stress and kill neurons. These past 5 weeks or so have seemed like an eternity. Finally started going to the bathroom on my own. Started sleeping a little- maybe 3 or 4 hours a night. Incredible anxiety, Tinnitus, burning sensations all over. Decided to quit the Risperdone. Supposed to go back to work in 2 weeks, and I have to find another place to live. Having glimmers of hope here and there though. The addictionand withdrawal resulted in permanent brain damage.

I an 45 years old, and my gastroenterologist got me hooked on a drug called librax for three and a half years for my ibs. He never told me it has the benzo librium in it. I am suffering immediately after taking myself go a detox center in Malvern, PA to try to taper off. I slept for the first three days mostly all the time. Then by end of the five days I was so depressed they sent me to an inpatient psych hospital.

The psych there started me on another antidepressant called effexor and used Klonopin — a benzo — to taper me up on it! I was in there over two weeks and they released me to my hustand saying there was nothing they could do for me any longer. I am home ten days now and no better.

He is trying to take care of me and took the summer off to do so. I am suffering and in mental anguish. I feel like my brain is permanently ruined and my kids as I once knew it is over.

I did not find it easy i had sever sickness and diarrhoea for 3 monthes and lost 3 stone. Ive gone from a healthy weigth to about 9 stone which ended with me been admitted to hospital.

The question ive got is now im clear of those horrid drugs that should be band i am suffering with faintness all the time even sat down i cant really leave the house its that bad im bed bound most of the time is this normal or part of the withdrawl process.

I have been on google alot and cfs comes up alot any advice on this like ways to help or timescale would be much appreciated. I have only taken it for 2 in a half months and this is almost day 3 of withdrawal.

I was also put on Zoloft and Seroquel for sleep. I have been on these meds 5 weeks and am very scared. Recently I switched to Valium, I take 5 mg in the morning and 2.

I am feeling better overall but the fear of the medications is really affecting me. Should I stay and stabilize more or should I slowly start coming off? I had an experience with Klonopin two years ago that was HELL…but I made it through and came off it but was on it very short time. Just about a month. THat is why I am so scared that even a short stay can make the WD so very hellish…but I needed it to save my life… James 6: It has now been four days and I feel terrible I have nobody to turn to is the symtom normal Angela 2: My new Dr psychiatrist recently cut me down to 1 a day after explaining how depressed i recently started feeling.

Im terrified of whats going to happen to me im so so scared if there is anybody who can help Please Help. God bless and thank you for letting me have a felling that there are still people who cares about others.

I am doing the liquid titration. I am having a really hard time with fatigue, balance and depression along with heart palpitations. Will a low dose of an Ssri help at all? I am a mom of five and feel like a complete failure to my family like this.

Thank you, Karen Danielle 7: I tapered off 6. I did do a dry MT. I can also eat anything I like and I can sleep maybe hours per night and wake up refreshed and ready to go.

BTW, I had kindled. Some people on this site called me the cat with nine lives. I also have a very benzo wise pdoc who has helped me so much and he generally let me do what I wanted to. And I never drink alcohol or smoke and take in any caffeine. I also forgot to tell you that I was a daily user for 10 years and am on Trazodone for sleep. He wants me to make sure I have healed before he takes me off that drug. Dr gave me lorazapam it no longer works I feel like Im dying. Im cutting down on the benzo Ive gone from 3.

But I also take cymbalta. Can you offer me some of your knowledge please? Im in an awful situation. Last year my GP put me on becouse I had a sleep problem do to cronic nausea. I was only on for 2. I started to get anxiety and I was scared becouse I never had anxiety or depression before in my life.

I wanted to stop the med. Was very sick for 2 weeks and they put me on remeron 7. Get sick on that to and was getting brain zap every day. After 2 months using it I tapered off in 4 months and went back on clonozapem 0.

Thank you Michele 7: Anyone have any info about antivirals and benzo recovery? Most people have seen improvement in their third year,why have I not?

I only take thyroid medicine as anytime I take a supplement it makes me temporarily worse. What can I do to counteract it ,if anything.? Do you think being almost 80 is why I am not improving? I see a really good cbt therapist who is a PhD who has been there through this whole thing.

How long could I have this anxiety for? I only took two doses until they realize they was wrong. I hope I am not kindled!!! Using computer programs and charts to keep yourself organized compensates for the memory loss whether it is temporary or permanent. Eat very well do not skimp on nutritious food. Groom well and keep ur mouth shut in public until u heal. Better to just do ur job and be a good listener. Do not try to convince anyone of ur situation if u do not live in the UK.

Just believe in urself and cut those pills slowly over three Yrs into smaller and smaller granules. Do not go off or restart, Buy a cheap blender and put in nice vegetables beet and ginger.

Splurge w vegetable and coconut oil and reasonable helpings of lean meat and fish. Ur brain needs the photochemical and amino acids. Y que tomando este medicamento me sientomejor como con mas paz pero tambien mas manejable.

ANA Publicado 18 junio, en 7: Cree que algun dia pueda dejar estos Medicamentos? Pero ultimamente ya tenia tiempo de no estar durmiendo bien , entonces por prescripcion medica a veces me tomaba una pastilla entera de cada una. Pero hace aproximadamente 3 semanas fui a mi Dr. Pues ahi viene lo bueno!!! Me dijo esta noche tomas solo la mitad de Clonazepan o sea La mitad son 5. Claro que solo dormi como 2 horas en toda las noche.

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rivotril clonazepam 0 25mgHot Epsom salt baths with Lavender oils are nice when you rivotril anxious or aches and pains. Just a few hours here and there of rough patch, rivotril clonazepam 0 25mg. I have tried so many different things for the symptoms-juicing for days 25mg a time, not eating, exercising, lots of water and none of these things makes a difference. Last night I was so tired and all I wanted to do was sleep and I could not fall asleep despite the fact that I was not able to fall asleep until 5: In Clonazepam I weaned off Cymbalta, and I felt like a new person. For suhas, this is really a discussion you should be having with your doctor. Reply Link Runnergirl December 30,3: Now I have daily RLS that is rarely in check. I think I will be able to do it this way. Some have stopped after dropping slowly down to.

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rivotril clonazepam 0 25mgI took the first pill 4 days after a dose and then then last pill 5 days later… so 1mg total over a period of 9days, rivotril clonazepam 0 25mg. Western medicine is good and everything else sucks said dr. No los puedo dejar. It has now been 25mg days and I feel rivotril I have nobody clonazepam turn to is the symtom normal Angela 2: Clonazepam here awake at 1: My story is not one of doom and gloom, but of hope. I did this and the anxiety spiked, rivotril attacks came back after only a few days at the half dose. I wish I could sue her!!!!! As long as you are feeling better as time passes, things rivotril be getting much better. Then, about benzac 50mg week ago, on a whim, I looked up the side effects of Klonopin, which, I panadol to buy never done before. Clonazepam question is, my Dr. Trust me, I have been through withdrawal 3 times, rivotril clonazepam 0 25mg, have 25mg on xanax, ativan, clonazepam, and even ambien is considered in the same class. Nevertheless, the essential lifestyle battle plan I received from these two counselors was simple: I am tapering off the same dose and have been on 25mg just as long.

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